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Women Entrepreneurship: Exploring the Impact of Gender on Management in Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

This research aims to examine the impact of gender on management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and explore women’s role in entrepreneurship. This study is significant because women are already playing increasing roles in economic development and business management in today’s post-modern era. In order to address the objectives of this research, descriptive research through the use of secondary data analysis was carried out.

Findings from this study revealed that gender has a considerable but lesser impact on SME management and that gender diversity in ownership structure positively affects SME performance and innovativeness. Also, findings suggest that women entrepreneurship is emerging but may be constrained by gender being a cultural issue in addition to being limited by certain challenges being faced by female entrepreneurs. Based on the findings, this study concludes that in the contemporary era, women have started to play important roles in entrepreneurship and in owning and/or managing small and medium-sized enterprises but there is still a long journey towards promoting and supporting women entrepreneurs across the globe.

Nursing Assistant: The Comprehensive Healthcare Assistant Handbook

You will help patients with their medical needs while working as a nursing or healthcare assistant in a healthcare setting You Must have the perseverance and capacity to work with a wide range of patients, as well as the capacity to handle difficult situations. You also need to be able to read and comprehend charts and medical data in order to provide your patients with the best care possible. This manual teaches you all you need to know to work as a nursing assistant or health care assistant in the United Kingdom and other countries with comparable healthcare systems and practices. 

New Development Bank: A New Paradigm in Development Financing

“The New Development Bank: Why it Matters to the World South” is a book that provides a thorough analysis of the NDB’s importance and influence on the development landscape of the World South. The book delves into various aspects of the NDB’s mandate, operations, and strategic areas of focus, such as financing sustainable infrastructure, promoting inclusive growth, addressing climate change, and supporting regional integration.

It also showcases successful case studies from different regions and highlights the NDB’s innovative approaches to development finance. Additionally, the book evaluates the bank’s partnerships with other multilateral institutions and assesses its performance in achieving measurable development outcomes. Looking to the future, the book explores the NDB’s role in post-pandemic recovery and discusses potential directions for the bank to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in the World South.

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Entrepreneurship and The Sierra Leone Economy

Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in the economic success of any country, and Sierra Leone is no exception. Despite its small population of around seven million people, the country is currently grappling with a host of economic issues such as poverty, unemployment, and inadequate infrastructure. This has led to significant challenges for entrepreneurs looking to thrive, while many Sierra Leoneans are struggling to make ends meet. However, entrepreneurship has the potential to be a game-changer for the country’s economic growth by creating job opportunities, generating income, and promoting innovation and technological advancement. Nonetheless, the entrepreneurial landscape in Sierra Leone is riddled with significant obstacles such as limited access to finance and funding, inadequate infrastructure, and a small market for goods and services.

Empowering Change: Women Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, a small country in West Africa, has a rich cultural heritage and a history of entrepreneurship. Despite facing significant challenges in accessing resources, financing, and markets, women have always played a vital role in the economic and social development of the country, creating businesses and jobs and contributing to the growth of the economy. “Empowering Change: Women Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone” is a comprehensive book that delves into these challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the country. It explores the historical context of women’s entrepreneurship, the impact of gender disparities, and the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. The book also examines the available opportunities for women entrepreneurs, including government support and access to finance.
This book sheds light on the significant role played by non-governmental organisations and women networks in promoting entrepreneurship and empowering women entrepreneurs. It features the inspiring success stories of female entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone and how they contribute to the economy. Moreover, it addresses the essential needs of women entrepreneurs such as training and development programs, mentoring, and coaching.
In addition, the book provides valuable insights into the future of women’s entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone and how women entrepreneurs can help build a more inclusive and empowered society. Empowering Change: Women Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone is a must-read for policymakers, academics, development practitioners, and anyone interested in promoting women entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone and beyond.

BRICS: The Future of World Economic Power in a Changing World Order

The world economy is going through major changes, and the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are expected to have a significant impact on its future. These countries have become important economic powers in the last decade, with a combined GDP of over $20 trillion, which accounts for more than a quarter of the world economy. As the world’s economic centre of gravity shifts towards the East, the BRICS nations are becoming increasingly influential in the global economic system.

However, this rise also brings new challenges and opportunities for both the BRICS nations and the rest of the world. The purpose of this book is to provide an in-depth analysis of the economic future of the BRICS nations, examining the potential and obstacles they face as they strive to improve their economic development and integration into the world economy. Additionally, the book explores how the BRICS’ ascent impacts the world economic landscape, analysing the consequences for the rest of the world.

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BRICS: Emerging Markets, Sustainable Development and Incusive Growth: New World Order

The BRICS group comprises Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, and has become a significant geopolitical and economic force in the international arena. Its aim is to promote sustainable development, economic growth, and inclusive prosperity, which has garnered attention worldwide for its potential to reshape the existing world order. Each member nation has different political systems, economies, and social structures that contribute to the group’s dynamic nature. As BRICS nations rise in prominence, they challenge traditional global power structures and provide alternative pathways towards sustainable development and inclusive growth.
This academic exploration aims to analyze the evolving role of BRICS in the new world order. We will delve into the group’s commitment to sustainable development, the challenges it faces in achieving its objectives, and its potential impact on international relations and the global economy. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how BRICS, as a cooperative bloc, contributes to the reconfiguration of the existing global landscape.
Firstly, this analysis will highlight the inherent economic dynamism of BRICS members. These nations, often referred to as ’emerging markets,’ are home to a significant proportion of the world’s population, abundant natural resources, and rapidly expanding middle-class consumer bases. Their growing economic clout has triggered a shift in global economic influence, with BRICS countries playing pivotal roles in shaping international trade, investment, and financial policies.

Moreover, BRICS’ commitment to sustainable development is another crucial aspect of their agenda. As countries with diverse ecological challenges and development aspirations, BRICS members recognize the importance of addressing environmental concerns while pursuing economic growth. This commitment is reflected in initiatives related to renewable energy, climate change mitigation, and the sustainable use of natural resources. BRICS nations are not only seeking to improve their own environmental practices but are also contributing to global discussions on environmental sustainability.

In addition to economic and environmental considerations, this analysis will explore the social dimensions of BRICS’ agenda. Inclusive growth, which seeks to address socio-economic inequalities, is a cornerstone of BRICS’ collective mission. The member nations are working to provide equitable opportunities for their citizens, improve access to education and healthcare, and alleviate poverty. By focusing on inclusive growth, BRICS demonstrates an alternative model for development that challenges traditional paradigms of inequality and exclusion.

However, despite their economic prowess and commitments to sustainable development and inclusive growth, BRICS nations face significant challenges in achieving their objectives. These challenges include political divergences, structural inequalities, and the need to balance domestic imperatives with international responsibilities. This analysis will critically examine these issues, shedding light on the complexities of coordinating actions among diverse nations with varying priorities.

In conclusion, the emergence of BRICS in the new world order is a compelling phenomenon that holds the potential to reshape global power dynamics. By promoting sustainable development and inclusive growth while representing significant emerging markets, BRICS challenges traditional power structures, raises vital questions about the global economy, and influences the trajectory of international relations. This analysis seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of BRICS’ role and the complex dynamics at play as they work towards the common goal of a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive global future.

Your Worth: Infinitely Valuable Creature

If I were to tell you that your worth is $85 billion, you might find it difficult to believe. However, let me explain how this calculation is made. In the past, scientists and chemistry professors believed that a person’s worth, based solely on their chemical composition, was around $35 on the market. But in recent times, this perspective has undergone a significant shift.

Scientists have discovered that the electronic energy in the hydrogen atoms within the human body could potentially supply a large, highly industrial nation with all its electrical needs for a week. This calculation, made by Scientists, estimates that the atoms in the human body contain over 11 million kilowatt hours of potential energy per pound. Therefore, the value of an average person is estimated to be around $85 billion. In essence, humans are much more than what meets the eye at first glance. It is also important to note that the cost of mechanically reproducing the human mind would be extremely high, costing billions of dollars. This realization highlights the fact that humans are incredibly valuable and unique creatures, unlike any other that has ever lived or will ever live. An Infinitely Valuable Creature

Substance Misuse Awareness Handbook

Being aware of substance misuse is crucial in the fight against addiction and its devastating effects on individuals, families, and society. This problem involves the misuse or abuse of substances, such as alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications. Its consequences extend beyond the users themselves. Raising awareness about substance misuse is a proactive and important step towards prevention, early intervention, and creating a supportive environment for those affected

Substance misuse can affect people from all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status. Although the allure of momentary euphoria, stress relief, or escapism may initially draw individuals towards these substances, the long-term consequences can be extremely damaging. Substance misuse often leads to physical and mental health problems, strained relationships, academic or professional decline, and legal issues, making it a significant public health concern.

It’s essential to understand the signs and symptoms of substance misuse, the risk factors that contribute to its development, and the available resources for support and treatment. This knowledge helps equip communities with the necessary tools to combat this challenge effectively. By promoting substance misuse awareness, we can break the stigma associated with addiction, offer early intervention, and show empathetic support to those seeking recovery.

In this exploration of substance misuse awareness, we will cover the key substances commonly abused, factors that drive individuals towards misuse, and the impact of addiction on both individuals and society. By empowering ourselves with knowledge and compassion, we can work together to prevent substance misuse, support affected individuals on their journey to recovery, and build a healthier, more resilient future for our communities.

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THE TWINS MISSION: The Pendant's Secret

“The Twins Mission: The Pendant’s Secret” is a gripping story of twin sisters, Angeles and Angeline, whose lives are forever changed when they witness the murder of their father, Chernor. Chernor, the chief of Intelligence services, is betrayed by his close friend and deputy, Zonglay, who seeks to take his place. Zonglay is fueled by hatred because Chernor had married the woman, they both loved, Zainab, who gave birth to the twins. Adopted by their father’s killer, the sisters are separated when Angeles escapes, breaking a pendant and giving half to her sister.

Years later, Angeles, now adopted by a gravedigger named Mr. Abdul, seeks revenge with the help of her friend FD. However, her path to vengeance is obstructed by her sister, who initially stands in her way. Eventually, the sisters reunite, driven by their shared desire to avenge their father’s death and seek justice for Mr. Abdul, who was also murdered by Zonglay’s goons. As they delve deeper into the pendant’s secret, they uncover a web of deceit and betrayal that will test their resolve and challenge their bond as sisters.

In “The Twins Mission: The Pendant’s Secret,” readers will be captivated by the thrilling journey of Angeles and Angeline as they navigate a world of treachery and revenge. This tale explores themes of love, loyalty, and the lengths one will go to seek justice. With unexpected twists and turns, this book will keep readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning the pages to uncover the truth behind the pendant’s secret and witness the sisters’ ultimate quest for vengeance
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GOODBYE FD: Whispers Of Love

“Goodbye FD: Whispers of Love” is a captivating story that follows the journey of FD, an architect who unexpectedly falls in love with Mercy, a music superstar. Despite Mercy’s initial disinterest due to her engagement to Daud. Their paths cross on a blind date, where FD mistakes Mercy for his intended date. As their relationship blossoms, they face numerous obstacles, including Mercy’s engagement to Daud, a photojournalist and heir to a vast business empire. Despite the challenges, FD’s unwavering devotion and determination gradually win Mercy’s heart.

As the story unfolds, readers will be drawn into a world of passion, ambition, and the complexities of relationships. Will FD’s love be enough to break through the barriers that stand between him and Mercy? Can Mercy find the courage to follow her heart, even if it means defying societal expectations and risking everything she has worked for? “Goodbye FD: Whispers of Love” explores the transformative power of love and the choices we make in the pursuit of happiness.

Tragedy strikes when Daud is involved in a car accident, leaving him as the sole survivor. Believed to be dead, Daud had fled the scene due to pressure to marry Mercy and take over the family business. Just as FD is about to propose to Mercy, Daud resurfaces, turning FD’s life upside down. However, as the story unfolds, Daud confesses his lack of love for Mercy and acknowledges that FD would be a better husband for her. This emotional rollercoaster of love, loyalty, and self-discovery will keep readers captivated until the very end.
With its richly developed characters and emotionally charged narrative, “Goodbye FD: Whispers of Love” is a compelling novel that will leave readers captivated until the very last page. This heartfelt story reminds us that love has the ability to conquer all and that sometimes, the whispers of Love
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In the tumultuous world of “The Messenger of Death: the Battle for Love and Revenge,” love becomes a battleground for two friends who find themselves entangled in a fierce rivalry over the affections of a woman they both hold dear. The story takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we delve into the depths of despair and betrayal that have brought these characters to their breaking points. At the heart of this battle for love is Daud, a man tormented by the loss of many loved ones. His journey is intertwined with his blade of destruction, aptly named “the messenger of death,” which becomes both a symbol of his pain and a tool for his vengeance. As the story unfolds, we witness Daud’s relentless pursuit of justice and redemption, fueled by his unwavering determination to avenge the ones he has lost.

But the narrative doesn’t confine itself to the physical realm alone. We are introduced to Finding, a martial arts expert who finds himself engaged in a brutal fight with his arch-nemesis, Chand, in a field. As Finding battles for his life, we discover that he is not only a fighter but also a screenwriter working on his latest screenplay at the office of Movie Company, Media Africa. As he immerses himself in his work, the lines between reality and fiction blur, and the world of his script comes alive. In this parallel world, Finding takes on the role of Daud, the lead character in his screenplay. Alongside him, Angeline assumes the character of Fatima, the woman caught in the crossfire of love and revenge, while Chand embodies the role of Ramsey, a friend turned foe. The story takes a tragic turn when Daud and his seven-year-old daughter, Skye, find themselves at the mercy of a gang during a trip to the shopping mall. In a desperate attempt to escape, Ramsey’s betrayal leads to the heart-wrenching loss of Skye’s life.

The Battle for Love is not just a physical clash between two friends vying for the same woman’s heart; it is a battle of emotions, loyalty, and the consequences of past actions. As the characters navigate their way through this treacherous terrain, they are forced to confront their own demons and face the consequences of their choices. Within the pages of “The Messenger of Death: the Battle for Love and Revenge,” the themes of love, betrayal, and despair intertwine, creating a gripping narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The battle for love becomes a catalyst for self-discovery and transformation, as Daud and his counterparts grapple with their grief, guilt, and the pursuit of justice.
In the chapters that follow, we will witness Daud’s arduous journey towards redemption, his relentless training to become a formidable force, and the ultimate showdown that will determine the fate of all involved. But amidst the chaos and turmoil, love remains a beacon of hope, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, it has the power to conquer all. Join us as we delve deeper into the world of “The Messenger of Death: the Battle for Love and Revenge,” where love and revenge collide, and the battle for redemption takes centre stage.
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The Death of a Child: Shadow's Redemption

“The Death of a Child: Shadow’s Redemption” is a gripping tale of revenge and redemption. After witnessing the brutal murder of his young son in a violent clash between the Shadows Gang and airport guards, MASTER RIEE, a medical Doctor and Kung Fu expert, is consumed by grief and a burning desire for justice. When he recognizes the gang leader involved in a bank robbery, Master Riee takes it upon himself to stop them, using his martial arts skills to fight back. Alongside his impulsive acolytes, KKAY and PUDISMAN, Master Riee navigates a dangerous world where trust is scarce and danger lurks at every corner.

As Master Riee seeks to rebuild his life, he finds solace and purpose in his Kung Fu School, where he helps patients and disciples alike. However, his peaceful existence is threatened when his loyal acolytes inform him that the school must relocate. They lead him to a new building, which happens to be attached to a Massage parlour run by a man named MASSTER DAN. In a surprising turn of events, Masster Dan offers his girls in exchange for the opportunity to become a pupil of the Master. This unexpected alliance sets the stage for a complex web of relationships and alliances, where loyalties are tested and secrets are revealed.

Meanwhile, ZAINAB and BORBOR-OYA embark on a desperate search for Zainab’s abducted daughter, who has been targeted for sale as a child prostitute. Their journey takes a dark turn when Zainab is brutally beaten by a group of perverted priests involved in the trafficking of young girls. As they dig deeper, they uncover a shocking truth – the police chief himself is behind the child prostitution ring. With the stakes higher than ever, Master Riee and his newfound allies must confront their own demons and join forces to bring down the corrupt forces that threaten their lives and the lives of innocent children.
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“The Black Mask” is a gripping tale that follows the lives of two sisters, Fatima and Angeles, who witness the brutal assassination of their parents. Driven by the desire for justice, Fatima becomes a politician determined to eradicate corruption in the government. Meanwhile, Angeles transforms into the vigilante known as THE BLACK MASK, a formidable figure fighting against corrupt politicians from the past to the present. As their paths intertwine, they find themselves on a collision course with Bambay, their parents’ killer, seeking vengeance for the tragic loss they endured.

This book delves into the dark underbelly of power and corruption. It explores themes of justice, family bonds, and the lengths one will go to seek retribution. With its compelling characters and intense plot, “THE BLACK MASK” takes readers on a thrilling journey through the intertwined lives of Fatima, Angeles, and their nemesis Bambay. Will they be able to bring about justice and find closure for their painful past?

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